As we deal with the covid 19 threat, services at our shul are suspended until further notice. However, we are streaming services online through zoom allowing participants to daven simultaneously. See our schedule for service times. Email us in advance to get the zoom meeting number.


Kehillat Chaverim is a Traditional congregation that began operating on July 1, 2016, immediately after the closure of Shaar Shalom Synagogue. Since then we have held >2700 twice-daily minyanim – weekdays, Shabbat, Yom Tov and High Holidays. Even now, while we have our services on zoom, there is a great feeling of friendliness and informality as we daven together. We are a community of friends who  care deeply about preserving a twice daily minyan in the German Mills area. We send our weekly bulletin to >180 families.


Our minyanim are habit-forming – we have several men and women who come regularly to our services who, previously, were never regular shul-goers. We have proven to be a convenient, warm, and welcoming location for people commemorating Yahrzeit or saying Kaddish for a loved one. We extend an invitation to you to observe these important moments with us whether you are a member or not.


We have been holding our services (other than High Holiday services) at the German Mills Community Centre, a heritage one-room schoolhouse at 80 German Mills Road. Our services have been streamed on Zoom since March 2020.

Rabbi Howard Morrison of Beth Emeth is our Mara d’Atra. Ian Schlifer  is our Torah reader.

We study Talmud every Wednesday morning after services - leading to stimulating discussion over coffee.


We initially established ourselves as the German Mills Minyan. In January, 2017, we were incorporated as Kehillat Chaverim. In early November, 2017 our application for charitable status was approved by the Canada Revenue Agency.

We can provide burial rights to members in the Kehillat Chaverim section at Pardes Chaim Cemetery.

We are Kehillat Chaverim – our community of friends.



Services at shul suspended until further notice - times below are streamed services via Zoom

Email for zoom meeting link

          Shacharit   Mincha/Maariv  
  Friday February 19     8:30 AM   4:45 PM *
  Saturday February 20           #
  Sunday February 21     9:00 AM   4:45 PM  
  Monday February 22     8:30 AM   7:00 PM  
  Tuesday February 23     8:30 AM   7:00 PM  
  Wednesday February 24     8:30 AM   7:00 PM  
  Thursday February 25 &   8:30 AM   7:00 PM ^
  Friday February 26 ^   8:30 AM   5:00 PM **
  *  candle lighting time 5:35 PM       #

Shabbat ends 6:38PM

  **  candle lighting time 5:45 PM          

& Fast of Esther

    ^ Purim  

Join us Thursday evening for 

Megilla to be chanted by 

Wayne "The Wizard" Nates




                   OUR POLICY RE THE COVID19  THREAT 

Reluctantly, we have suspended our services in person, at shul until further notice. During this very unusual time, we are streaming services via zoom. We are doing so for the sake of safety, not convenience. We will discontinue zoom services when it is safe for us to return to having our services at shul. Please email shalom@kehillat-chaverim and watch our Shabbat Bulletin for information on how you can connect and participate. We are also staying in touch by email, phone etc. Stay tuned and, most importantly, take every precaution to avoid getting sick.

Contribute to our upkeep... We are now in the fifth year of our Kehilla and we thank members for their ongoing generous support.  We are holding our annual membership contribution unchanged at $1,080 per household ($540 per single). Please click on the DONATE tab for instructions how to donate with either a single payment or with 2 cheques dated January 1 andJuly 1. Our goal is to operate prudently and fairly. We are all dependent on each other.

Talmud study ... We are studying daf 42 in Chapter 3 of Bava Kamma, now via zoom. Join us to learn together after Wednesday morning services.

Do we have the Yahrzeit information for your loved ones? If you have not already done so, we invite you to provide us with the relevant information: the Hebrew calendar date, your name and your Hebrew name (including the patronymic), your relationship to the person whose yahrzeit it is, and the name and Hebrew name (including the patronymic) of that person. We will keep a record  and remind you not only about your upcoming yahrzeiten but also about the days, in advance, when you can have Kel Maleh recited at services to honour loved ones.

Publicity...we appreciate publicity to increase awareness of our activities, but we request that you notify the executive in advance at




      Main contact:


      Snail mail:  5863 Leslie Street

                            Unit 340

                            Toronto, ON M2H 1J8


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Note: Donations made through PayPal or your credit card are subject to a handling charge paid by Kehillat Chaverim.


You will receive a receipt for Income Tax purposes for all donations to Kehillat Chaverim.